Energy And Environment Consulting


We are not a traditional Energy consulting firm but we focus on the core. Today’s business requires to be little more cautious than before and should understand the implication of its energy impact.

We can help you in identifying your energy wastage and consumption also make sure you are carbon neutral if not positive. As a responsible business you understand that giving to mother nature should always be more than to take from her. Hence, when we consume lot of energy and waste energy in the environment it impacts whole country and globe win broader sense. Therefore, we should be able to minimise our energy consumption and use as much as alternative sources of energy more to minimise the damage caused. The sense of satisfaction that comes with it is more than the amount of savings done via implementing alternative energy.

We help organisations lower energy costs, reduce risk, and explore innovative and market-proven sustainability solutions such as community choice, electric vehicle charging, and battery energy storage. We also specialise in energy storage (battery) consulting.