Strategy & Consulting


Does your business plan include IT needs? Every good project and every good process begins with Strategy. If there is no strategy for your business, chances are it will not lead to the goal, which you dreamt off. The vision and mission should be clear to achieve that goal.

We help you grow in various themes of business via our focused strategy.


Business Consulting 

Business-consulting unit drives overall strategy of your business. The change from business as usual to business on change in a quick time is uncommon as it requires a potential study of market and will take months before you can actually see a change.

We have to analyze the existing resources and assets your business can leverage as branding material to attract customers.

Doing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of your business will give a clear picture of which marketing channel needs to be developed for optimal result.

Go-To Market Strategy :

When developing a go-to-market strategy, your goal should be to create a detailed, believable plan that answers three questions:

  • What are you selling?
  • Who are you selling it to?
  • How will you reach to your target market?

To have a good go-to market strategy, you should have all the three answer in your plan. Most importantly, you should have a strong value proposition. If you don’t have a strong value proposition then you might not success so easily in this strategy.

We help you in dealing with the go-to market strategy by our marketing experts and create various channels to reach your customers and positioning your product/services.


Growth Strategy

Business which are looking for growth should define their Growth strategy in a precise manner. As growth brings talent, reward and investors.

But not all type of growth pays off. Some can damage to the business as when an inappropriate budget is set for a certain department or when an acquisition fails badly.

We help in uncovering better opportunities with proper planning and research. So you have reduced risk of failures.

New Product Development (NPD)

When a product fails it can cause considerable harm to the business and its reputation. As products failures are common you need a constructive strategy for new product development. Also the time to bring new product into a market plays a vital role for its failure and success. We define critical success faros and helps you in achieving a successful launch of your new product.

  • We help you in establishing a new product development plan and see through it customer lens.
  • Helps in minimising NPD cost
  • Brings in new opportunity related to that product
  • Builds capability matrix within your organisation
  • Explains NPD business case
  • You are benefited by reduced cost from less products failures.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Through mergers and acquisitions, companies can effectively achieve the rational allocation of resources, expand production scale, decrease transaction costs and achieve synergies, to the purpose of maximising shareholder value. However, the merger and acquisition sometimes or most of the times can go on the wrong side and can create massive damage to your company. As M&A comes with a responsive liability so you should be really cautious in dealing with any M&A process.

We help you in covering loopholes of those tedious process and conduct through business intelligence to make a clean way of merger and acquisition.

IT Strategy

When you need an IT support in your business. We make sure that your investment in IT is achieved by your business growth. We analyze your process, define and priorities business, stakeholder, project goals and then compare industries operating around your sector. Conduct interviews, do market research and produce a viability study report, so that you can be 100% sure of your investment output.

Market Research


Centrelocus is an independent market research company that is dedicated to Technology and Energy.

To sustain in this high volatile market, companies need to re-think their product or services model. It require sustainable growth and innovation and understanding of critical consumer trends and marketplace shifts. Our Market Research solutions help you swing on white space opportunities and trends. Successfully launch products and enter into new international market and  Our suite of integrated market research solutions allows you to attain a healthy ROI and adopt strategies for long-term growth and innovation.

We help you :


  • Identify innovation opportunities within the market.
  • Market driving forces
  • Identify areas for differentiation and protect market positioning
  • What’s new to offer
  • Gaze demand for new products.
  • Develop and evaluate new products and offerings.
  • Assess target markets, including both emerging and existing markets.
  • Explore market size, characteristics and economic value.

We offer the best return on your investments before you even enter the market by reporting through research output from Primary and Secondary sources.

Please start analyzing now and contact us for seeing the zenith!